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Gillespie: Firms Could Cut Up To 30 Percent Of Trips With Little Or No Economic Loss

Corporations focused a procurement lens on travel en masse beginning around the turn of the century. The new emphasis on spend management surfaced questions about the return on investment in trips, and with the 2007-2008 financial crisis, companies began demanding answers. Some…


Berlin-Based Startup Tagtu Resolves To Make Business Trips More Productive

Downtime is nice, but are we getting enough done on trips? In its quest to maximize business travel productivity, one Germany-based startup is pulling from themes in pre-trip approval, return on travel investment and the pandemic- and sustainability-driven emphasis on fewer but…

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Brex, Spotnana Launch Budget-Driven Travel Tool For Startups And ‘Scaled Companies’

The venture capital-backed startup basket of the economy is a bit unsettled at the moment but that’s where card and business software firm Brex puts most of its eggs. It’s now competing for that market with a business travel service backed by…

Op Ed: Jeff Klee On What We Lose When We Put Sustainability Before Travel

AmTrav CEO Jeff Klee is getting frustrated by tokenism and perfunctory action when it comes to sustainability and corporate travel. On the 2022 business travel conference circuit, sustainability and purposeful travel were all the rage. Panelists at events large and small touted…

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