Corporate travel management companies Adelman and WTMC will use the 30SecondsToFly Claire artificial intelligence/chat service, and World Travel Inc. plans to test the same.

Claire offers bookings​​ by natural language processing through SMS, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype and web chat. It learns and applies traveler preferences, booking habits and policies. On the agency side, a CRM tool monitors conversations with Claire to facilitate any required agent help.

30SecondsToFly CEO Riccardo Vittoria

“Different TMC segments have very different needs when it comes to supercharging their technology stack,” according to 30SecondsToFly CEO Riccardo Vittoria. “Some TMCs want to use all of the Claire components … others are more interested in Claire’s booking engine that learns about patterns of individual travelers and their policies, and uses AI to personalize flight and hotel options for them. Another group of TMCs has their eyes on Claire’s natural language processing chat engine and the agent CRM to automate their call centers.”

World Travel Inc. expects Claire to help streamline client communications. This would reduce the time agents spend on providing basic information, allowing them to concentrate on more complex tasks.

“We saw this as an opportunity where communication, content and convenience all come together,” said World Travel Inc. chief innovation officer Rock Blanco. “There are many opportunities to do a lot of the same types of activities we’re accustomed to doing in the online booking tool. You can do pre-trip planning, reservations, trip approvals, disruption [management] … all by speaking a phrase and getting back a response. We don’t have all the content in the chatbot just yet, but things are moving quickly and we can expect to see it in the not-too-distant future.”

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