Amadeus became the tenth company in IATA’s New Distribution Capability program certified as a Level-3 aggregator, according to IATA’s NDC Registry. Amadeus previously achieved Level 3 certification, the highest level, as an IT provider.

The certifications indicate a company’s ability to handle messaging via an NDC-compliant application programming interface. For aggregators, that means consuming such APIs made available by airlines. For IT providers, according to IATA, it’s about offering “NDC products and services for airlines and distributors.” The International Air Transport Association lists 37 IT providers as Level 3-certified.

Level 3 relates to full “offer and order management.”

Amadeus in February formed an internal unit dedicated to NDC. It is meant to help both airlines and travel management companies develop to the standard.

Rival GDS operator Travelport also is a Level 3-certified aggregator, and is at Level 2 as an IT provider. Sabre is at Level 1 as an aggregator and Level 3 as an IT provider.

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