The Company Dime is excited to announce the first editorial staff addition in its six-year existence. Michael Antrobus, formerly a public relations official with BCD Travel, joined in January as a reporter. We published his first article on Feb. 8 here.

The Baton Rouge native holds a master’s degree in journalism from Louisiana State University. Now a resident of the Atlanta area, Michael reported from 1991 to 2005 on local, state and federal governments, the courts, education and business at various daily and weekly newspapers and business journals. 

He served from 2007 to 2020 as director of public relations and content creation at BCD Travel.

Michael’s addition supplements a handful of initiatives at The Company Dime during the past year as the profession it’s focused on — business travel management — suffered and began rebuilding from the pandemic crisis. Those include a resumption of regular Teleconference events and curation of licensed content from sources including Harvard Business Review and The New York Times.

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