Dear Readers,

The Company Dime turned two last month, which could mean we’ve entered a new phase of maturity. More likely, we’re ready to break more stuff — hopefully news!

That requires hard work. We’re happy to bust our tails for you, but we also need your support.

It has come to our attention that the practice of sharing user names and passwords for our site falls somewhere between occasional and rampant. This hurts our business and jeopardizes our ability to bust said tails. Our subscriber agreement indicates this practice is against our policies, but who reads the fine print? If you were not aware, we don’t blame you. Hence, this spanking post.


Perhaps it goes without saying, but copying and pasting or otherwise duplicating content without permission also is a major no-no. Copyright laws exist for a reason, so watch it, you rascals!

What we ask is to be fairly compensated for our work. If you’re using someone else’s account to access our premium content, please sign up. It’s really not very expensive. And if you shared your password before, please ask your friend to sign up. Heck, ask your friends to sign up anyway if you believe in what we’re doing.

We really appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to serve you as long as income exceeds expenses.

Best regards and happy holidays,
David and Jay
The Company Dime

P.S. Quick update on our biz. Our events work has produced mixed results. Stay tuned in 2017 for info about a new partnership. Our Teleconference also is rocking the ups-and-downs, after emerging from our Podcast, but we’re having fun with it and it will only get better. You should definitely sign up for the next one.