Author: Andy Menkes

Andrew W. Menkes has a 40-year history in the travel industry. He started at TWA, founded New York-based agency Priority Travel and held various regional and executive positions at mega travel agencies. In 1997 Andy became Republic New York Corporation's first VP of global travel management where he pioneered the ARC-accredited Corporate Travel Department and corporate-direct electronic airline ticket purchases. He then formed Partnership Travel Consulting where he created the Managed Travel Index and the Travel Sourcing Index. He's also been in leadership roles for the Association of Corporate Travel Executives and the National Business Travel Association. Business Travel News in 2014 inducted Andy into its Business Travel Hall of Fame. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn.

Op Ed: Andy Menkes On Fixing The Imbalance Of Knowledge In Travel Management Company Bids

Andy Menkes has spent a career working with travel management companies — as a buyer, a TMC exec and an industry consultant. As companies assess their travel management service needs, he describes what he sees as a problem with fairness in TMC bids and offers a solution to resolve it. We are starting to see…

Op Ed: Andy Menkes On Trusting, And Verifying, Your Data

Today’s advisor is travel management veteran Andy Menkes of Partnership Travel Consulting. He writes that while data from travel management companies has improved over the years, travel program managers must do their due diligence. That means plugging gaps and checking everything. President Ronald Reagan made the phrase “trust, but verify” famous in the United States…

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