Author: Caroline Strachan

Caroline Strachan is managing partner at Festive Road. Her work experience can be summarized as 10 years the meetings and events supplier, 10 years the travel buyer (at Cisco, Yahoo and AstraZeneca) and more recently as VP global consulting at American Express Global Business Travel. Caroline has also held a number of industry leadership positions including ITM chairman and GBTA Europe president, and has received a number of awards in recognition of her services to the industry. Caroline is often called "the most credible business travel expert" in the industry, further supported by being published as one of three "industry influencers" in the Buying Business Travel 2016 Hotlist. Find more of Caroline's information on LinkedIn.

Op Ed: Caroline Strachan On The Move To Attribute-Based Online Travel Shopping

Corporate online booking tools have their detractors. Everyone has an opinion on how to make them better. That includes Festive Road managing partner Caroline Strachan. In this guest piece, she explains the challenges faced by the makers of corporate tools, how some products overcome them and why she sees 2019 as a year of big…

Op Ed: Caroline Strachan On The Real Traveler Of The Future

If suppliers want to better serve travelers into the future, they best understand those future travelers’ needs. Festive Road managing partner Caroline Strachan, a frequent traveler and former travel manager, puts herself in their shoes to distill the essentials of personalization and engagement. Two years ago, an audience member asked a great question whilst I…

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