Author: Danny Eldridge

Danny Eldridge is the CEO of ServeVita. ServeVita is a partner with Unit4 and provides sales and implementation services for Sabre CentralCommand. Danny has been involved with CentralCommand since the creation of the Sabre and Unit4 partnership in 2001 while working for Unit4. Prior to starting ServeVita in 2015, Danny worked with Globalstar Travel Management as executive director of IT for five years. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Op Ed: Danny Eldridge On The Questions Travel Companies Should Ask About Their Readiness

Adaptable travel companies kept up with planning and process improvement throughout the pandemic. According to Danny Eldridge, CEO of software integration firm ServeVita, they’re the ones best positioned for travel recovery. For the others, it’s not too late to assess resources and develop strategies to emerge better. He’s got questions for those in both camps….

Op Ed: Danny Eldridge On Travel Management Companies’ Time

Danny Eldridge is CEO of ServeVita, a software integration firm that works closely with the likes of Unit4 and Sabre. In this guest post, he advocates for rethinking which TMC services are essential and which are value-adds. One of my favorite movies and books is “Moneyball” about Billy Beane and the Oakland A’s. Being a…

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