Author: Duane Futch

GTAS founder and CEO Duane Futch is a highly accomplished influencer in the corporate travel and aviation industries. Duane consults to an array of North American and international corporations and governments. Among his previous positions, Duane was vice president of global government programs at Sabre Travel Network and director of the Aviation, Travel, and Leisure Travel division at Walmart Stores. Duane obtained both his Bachelor’s Degree in Air Commerce (Economics) and Associate Degree in Flight Technology from the Florida Institute of Technology. He also holds an FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, and he is a Certified Flight Instructor and a former FAA Designated Air Carrier Check Airman. Connect with Duane on LinkedIn.

Op Ed: Duane Futch On Signs Of Trouble For Job Security

Following his previous guidepost on understanding executive leadership in a travel management environment, consultant Duane Futch has another round of career advice. Here, he provides pointers on recognizing underperformance, finding remedies and charting progress toward improved job security. As we move into the new year, it’s time for every travel and meeting manager to take…

Op Ed: Duane Futch On Understanding Executive Leadership In A Travel Management Environment

Duane Futch during a 40-year career has been an aviation and travel management executive. He’s currently CEO of Global Travel and Aviation Solutions, a consultancy he founded, and an industry speaker. Through all those experiences he’s discovered that many travel management professionals lack well-rounded views of the hows and whys of corporate governance and executive…

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