Author: Fernão Loureiro

Fernão Loureiro is regional director in Latin America and the Caribbean for Partnership Travel Consulting. He previously served as outsourced regional travel and events manager at Philips LATAM, based in São Paulo, Brazil. Before that he worked for the U.S. Embassy in Brazil and as regional sourcing manager for Agrega Intelligent Procurement and Ambev Procurement. Fernão is a member of HSMAI Brasil's board and coordinator of its Corporate Travel Committee. He also is a professor at SENAC São Paulo. In the past Fernão has served as president of GBTA Brazil and an instructor for GBTA Academy. He is a mentor, career coach, writer and speaker, and in 2017 he was elected one of the 75 Most Influential Tourism Professionals in Brazil by Panrotas. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Op Ed: Fernão Loureiro On Embracing Loyalty Programs

Most companies don’t insist that travelers hand over loyalty program points accrued during business travel. Philips Latin America outsourced regional business travel manager Fernão Loureiro discusses what he sees as a worrying trend in his home region and why companies should resist it. In Latin America some colleagues are pushing their travel suppliers to create…

Op Ed: Fernão Loureiro On Speaking To Corporate Travelers

This is a sample letter from a travel and events manager. Written by Brazil-based Fernão Loureiro, Philips Latin America regional business travel manager, it is a didactic way to generally illustrate to travelers and travel arrangers the difficulties of the travel management profession. Dear colleague, I am responsible for the travel area of ​​our company….

Op Ed: Fernão Loureiro On A How To Bring Gamification To Your Travel Program

Bringing competition and rewards into travel programs is a debatable practice. Some don’t see reason enough to incentivize employees for following the rules. Others see room to drive engagement and policy compliance in a fun, employee-centric way — and save money at the same time. For those leaning toward the latter mindset, Philips Latin America…

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