Author: Bryan Holmes

Bryan Holmes is a lifelong student of critical thinking. He is also a 20-year travel industry veteran with experience leading countless sourcing engagements from all three sides of the table — buyer, seller and consultant. In 2021 he founded Bid Logic Solutions, a technology-centric business travel consulting firm. Previously, Bryan was a senior director for BCD Travel, leading the client retention team, and a senior consultant for TCG Consulting. Before that, he was the Hospitality Services Group architect at Broadcom Corporation and the company's senior principle leading corporate dining, business travel, meetings and events, and wellness. Bryan is a regular speaker at business travel meetings and resides in Orange County Calif., with his wife and three-year-old daughter, who believes he is the funniest person on earth. Connect with Bryan on LinkedIn.

Op Ed: Bryan Holmes On Next-Gen Corporate Travel Service Level Agreements And KPIs

Consultant Bryan Holmes dissects the components of thoughtful service level agreements in corporate travel management company relationships. Imagine you are a doctor faced with a patient exhibiting puzzling symptoms and debilitating pain. In this critical moment, where effective decision-making is key to relief, you would turn to a blend of clinical evaluation (gathering symptoms) and…

Op Ed: Bryan Holmes On Upgrading Your TMC RFP By Thinking Slow

Intuition rather than analysis can lead buyers astray, according to Bryan Holmes. The founder of Bid Logic Solutions provides a few examples of how this manifests during a travel management company sourcing project and describes a more measured approach. A bat and a ball cost $1.10 in total. The bat costs $1 more than the…

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