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Is Remote Work Actually Better For The Environment?

As remote-work models become increasingly popular, fewer of employees’ sustainability effects, including impacts from travel, are likely to take place under employers’ physical roofs. But they will still occur on their watch. Making work from home sustainable requires doing more than calculating a simple commute trade-off, according to Ganga Shreedharis, Kate Laffan and Laura M….

Adapting To Digital Disruption: How Incumbents Survive And Thrive

We cannot overstate the internet’s impact on business services like travel management, or can we? According to London Business School research, most industry sectors “have been surprisingly stable” over the past 25 years. Professor Julian Birkinshaw describes how incumbent firms should respond to disruption, and the benefits and risks of different approaches. The prevailing narrative…

How B2B Businesses Can Get Omnichannel Sales Right

“Buyers want it; sellers need it,” according to Harvard Business School professor Doug Chung, McKinsey & Company partners Isabel Huber and Jean-Charles Devignes, and McKinsey associate partner Tom Clauwaert. “It’s not trivial, but it’s not rocket science either.” During the early stages of the pandemic, many B2B companies considered remote interactions as a temporary patch,…

Elevate Employees, Don’t Eliminate Them

By Ryan W. Buell, a professor of business administration in the Technology and Operations Management Unit at Harvard Business School. A traumatic discontinuity like the Covid-19 pandemic presents an opportunity to reconnect — with family, friends, co-workers and even ourselves — on new terms. For businesses, this moment provides a chance to reimagine the role employees play…

Entrepreneurs And The Truth

By Kyle Jensen, a senior lecturer and associate dean at the Yale School of Management, Tom Byers, a professor and chair in entrepreneurship at Stanford University’s School of Engineering, Laura Dunham, an associate dean of the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship and chair of the entrepreneurship department at the University of St. Thomas Opus College of…

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