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There’s No One Right Path To Work-Life Balance — But Plenty Of Wrong Ones

By Niki Hall, CMO of Contentsquare, a digital experience analytics company. The road to “work-life balance” is a near-guaranteed path to failure. Hear me out. For years now, we’ve heard endless discussions on how to make work-life balance a reality, and time and time again, we see those concepts challenged, redefined, and downright labeled an…

How I Navigate Networking Events As A Person Who Doesn’t Drink

By Haley Moss, an autistic attorney, author and neurodiversity advocate. “Are you sure you just want a Diet Coke?,” a colleague says to me almost every time we’re at a networking event, motioning toward the bartender or glancing at the glass of wine in their hand. This routine is fairly common to me: Grab a…

Why We Need Serendipitous Work Interactions In Our Lives

Diana Shi is an assistant editor for the Fast Company Work Life section. Previously, she was an editor at Vice and an editorial assistant at Entrepreneur. Her article is republished here with permission as part of our licensing program. We welcome your comments below. For many of us, the experience of walking down the hallway…

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