Author: Robert Quigley

Dr. Robert Quigley is senior vice president and global medical director for International SOS Assistance and MedAire. He also is the executive chairman of the International Corporate Health Leadership Council and chairman of the council for U.S. and Canadian Quality Healthcare Abroad. Prior to joining International SOS, Dr. Quigley was a board re-certified cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon who directed two open heart programs within the Jefferson Health System in Philadelphia. He is also board re-certified in general surgery and critical care. Dr. Quigley is a subject matter expert in aeromedical transportation, international healthcare, duty of care, mental health and crisis management. Connect with Robert on LinkedIn.

Op Ed: Dr. Robert Quigley On Prioritizing Emotional Health In The Workplace

Last week was Mental Illness Awareness Week, followed on October 10 by World Mental Health Day. To help mark the occasion, International SOS SVP Dr. Robert Quigley weighed in on why and how organizations should recognize and support employees’ emotional health. The Covid-19 crisis has put employee health, particularly emotional health, at the forefront of…

Op Ed: Dr. Robert Quigley On Business Diligence In Addressing Covid-19

Prof. Robert Quigley, M.D., is SVP and regional medical director in the Americas for International SOS Assistance and MedAire. Here he stresses a conscientious approach to the spread of the coronavirus and offers guidance for organizations and their travelers. The continued increase of confirmed cases of Covid-19 globally, as well as in the United States,…

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