Author: Steve Reynolds

Steve Reynolds is CEO and founder of Tripbam, a hotel shopping service changing the way companies and travel agencies procure hotel stays. Based on the company's success, Business Travel News named Tripbam the most innovative technology for corporate travel in 2014, and in 2015 recognized Steve as one of the most influential executives within corporate travel. The company in 2015 also won Phocuswright's Battleground competition. Steve previously was managing director in North America for WNS Global Services, president and EVP at TRX and president of Travel Technologies Group. Find more of Steve's info in his LinkedIn profile, on Tripbam's Twitter feed and the company's Facebook page.

Op Ed: Steve Reynolds On Finding The Right Mix Of Hotel Discounts

Tripbam CEO Steve Reynolds constantly examines hotel discounts on corporate rates. To help buyers assess the best negotiating approach, he explains the differences between corporate rate types and suggests a few targets to shoot for. This time of year, travel managers often ask whether they should consider a chainwide discount, a dynamic property-level discount or…

Op Ed: Steve Reynolds On Why Now Is The Time For Dynamic Hotel Discounts

Corporate travel veteran Steve Reynolds is a hotel rate wonk, and you’re the beneficiary. Read on as the Tripbam founder dissects the arguments surrounding dynamic versus fixed rates, just as many corporate programs are in the thick of securing preferred pricing for next year. Our industry has been discussing the potential for years: Why not…

Op Ed: Steve Reynolds On The Myth Of The Traveler Satisfaction Silver Bullet

During decent economic conditions, traveler satisfaction is big in travel management circles. Everyone wants happy, healthy and productive employees, and many see that translating to improved corporate performance. Tripbam founder and CEO Steve Reynolds takes a contrarian view. He argues that it’s impossible to measure the return from giving travelers what they want. And once…

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