Author: Victor Pynn

Vic Pynn is a long-time travel industry executive. After five years as a vice president at American Express, he rose through the ranks at TRX, ending his time there as chief operating officer. Vic then worked at Amadeus IT Group for nine years, most recently as COO for North America. Vic is now CEO of Shree Partners, a digital transformation and technology solutions company. Vic has authored pieces outlining the critical importance of nurturing talent and presented on various business topics. Also a certified general accountant, he graduated from Seneca College after studying and business and finance. Vic serves as a board member for the Global Business Travel Association Foundation and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Connect with him on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter.

Op Ed: Vic Pynn On Three Ways To Value People, The Hidden Differentiator

Former Amadeus, American Express and TRX leader Vic Pynn is enthusiastic about opportunities for companies to improve their appreciation and nurturing of human resources. Continuing his contributions to industry dialogue on leadership, mentoring and talent retention, here he highlights the reasons for putting people first and how to do so. I am amazed at the amount…

Op Ed: Vic Pynn On Three Questions Every Industry Leader Must Ask

There’s a common concern that as professionals from older generations wrap up their careers, the corporate travel profession won’t find enough younger talent to fill all those positions. Many expect the deficiency to hit both travel agents and corporate managers. Travel industry veteran Vic Pynn is focused on addressing the problem. He’s worked for American…

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