Author: Yael Klein

Yael Klein is executive director of marketing for AirPlus International. She has extensive experience in the international credit card business, including the past 17 years with AirPlus. After years of success in German international key account management and global sales management, Yael took over the position of managing director AirPlus UK in 2007. In that role she contributed greatly to the development of the British market. Most recently she was CEO and president of AirPlus Inc., as well as head of the Americas. Connect with Yael on LinkedIn.

Op Ed: Yael Klein On Apple’s Role In The Evolution Of Credit Cards

Wondering what Apple’s ambitions in payment mean for corporate travel? You’re not alone. Yael Klein of AirPlus International is here with her two cents. When Tim Cook introduced the new Apple Card in March as “the most significant change in the credit card experience in 50 years,” people obviously expected greatness. But what will we…

Op Ed: Yael Klein On The (Digital) Error In Reasoning

Artificial intelligence will mean many things to many industries. In travel management, it already helps to personalize booking experiences for travelers. Moving forward, it also will streamline workflows, minimize risk and generally alter service delivery. AirPlus International executive director of marketing Yael Klein discusses the potential as society feels its way through the early days…

Op Ed: Yael Klein On Failure

AirPlus International has made mistakes by not asking customers the right questions in advance. It’s a humble admission by executive director of marketing Yael Klein about a challenge many companies face. She believes that recognizing the problem will help the business travel industry innovate. Klein also encourages people to accept the risks of failure. Failing…

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