The corporate travel careers info below includes original and licensed content about the role of the travel manager and related professionals, what’s happening with membership associations, workplace issues and professional development.

Some examples
• Our coverage of GBTA and industry events
• The 570: Accounts of the pandemic’s toll on corporate travel jobs
• Collaboration, culture and remote work
• The evolving roles of various industry professionals
• Best practices and tips for leadership
• Diversity in the workplace
• Outsourcing and other alternative servicing configurations
• Industry advocacy and education

Is Your Hiring Process Costing You Talent?

The travel and hospitality sectors have been as hard-hit by the labor crunch as any. Across all industries, job seekers are looking for better wages, better benefits and better remote work options. They’re also losing patience with cumbersome hiring processes. Brad Chambers, global head of talent acquisition solutions at BTS, presents four questions hiring managers…

Rethinking Your Approach To The Employee Experience

According to research, employee engagement has been flat for years, affecting recruitment and retention. This has been a big topic in travel management lately as organizations try to craft policies and programs that keep workers productive and comfortable while on the road. In general, according to this article from Harvard Business Review, companies should focus…

I Was A Manager In An Ageist Workplace

Travel sourcing manager-turned-career coach Lea McLeod told us last year that ageism was “alive and well in the job search market.” That also goes for the workplace generally. But even though it’s common, leaders can recognize and combat ageism to make organizations equitable, supportive and inclusive. In this article, Nicole D. Smith, editorial audience director…

For Workers Who Are Never On Site, The ‘Off-Site’ Still Beckons

Some companies find bonding outside the tasks of a typical workday is more important than ever if that workday remains remote. By Lora Kelley. “Fun to be had! Fun. To. Be. Had!” Todd Zanzinger crowed to an audience of remote tech workers on Zoom. It was the opening ceremony of an information technology company’s virtual…

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