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• Our coverage of GBTA and industry events
• The 570: Accounts of the pandemic’s toll on corporate travel jobs
• Collaboration, culture and remote work
• The evolving roles of various industry professionals
• Best practices and tips for leadership
• Diversity in the workplace
• Outsourcing and other alternative servicing configurations
• Industry advocacy and education

I Was A Manager In An Ageist Workplace

Travel sourcing manager-turned-career coach Lea McLeod told us last year that ageism was “alive and well in the job search market.” That also goes for the workplace generally. But even though it’s common, leaders can recognize and combat ageism to make organizations equitable, supportive and inclusive. In this article, Nicole D. Smith, editorial audience director…

Sources: Solombrino Bullied Global Business Travel Association Board Into Payoff

The gasps weren’t merely audible — they were loud. Business travel buyers on a recent conference call heard the rumor that Scott Solombrino was to receive several million dollars. But why? After GBTA on Thursday confirmed the $5 million payoff, a spokesperson for the board said the organization could offer no details beyond its prepared…

GBTA Tax Document Shows Payments Of More Than $5 Million To Former CEO Solombrino

[CORRECTION: This article has been modified after originally stating an incorrect start date for Rosemary Maloney’s service on GBTA’s board of directors; she joined in 2021.] The Global Business Travel Association’s separation agreement with former CEO Scott Solombrino, who left in 2020 following a misconduct investigation, earned him more than $5 million. The nonprofit revealed…

As TMCs Work Through Staffing Challenges, Clients Envision The Counselor Of The Future

It’s a chicken-and-egg scenario as corporate travel management companies face hard decisions on staffing. When clients resume traveling, they need reliable, expert service more than ever. But with demand in doubt, how proactive can TMCs be in bringing back their people and recruiting more? It’s a question that begets more. How have agent roles been…

Op Ed: Audra Mead On Why It’s Important To Showcase Leadership At All Levels In Your Company

Fox World Travel chief culture officer Audra Mead discusses the benefits of nurturing “leaders-in-progress.” By letting people — regardless of title — lead projects, present to senior executives and chart their journeys, organizations can get stronger from within and individuals can reach their potential. Organizational culture is the foundation from which leaders secure solid footing…

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