The corporate travel careers info below includes original and licensed content about the role of the travel manager and related professionals, what’s happening with membership associations, workplace issues and professional development.

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• Our coverage of GBTA and industry events
• The 570: Accounts of the pandemic’s toll on corporate travel jobs
• Collaboration, culture and remote work
• The evolving roles of various industry professionals
• Best practices and tips for leadership
• Diversity in the workplace
• Outsourcing and other alternative servicing configurations
• Industry advocacy and education

Scammers Are Using Fake Job Ads To Steal People’s Identities

No one in corporate travel dodged the pandemic’s brutal treatment of employment, and to make matters worse, scammers are preying on job seekers. This story by Cezary Podkul was originally published last month by ProPublica. It has become a ubiquitous internet ad, with versions popping up everywhere from Facebook and LinkedIn to smaller sites like…

The Limits Of Vacation

Organizations may try to reduce burnout through policy and workplace changes, but in many cases the task will fall on individual employees. This article by London-based reporter Jenny Gross outlines how to make vacation time as restorative as possible. Companies that want to retain talent are looking for ways to reduce burnout, which can lead…

There’s No One Right Path To Work-Life Balance — But Plenty Of Wrong Ones

By Niki Hall, CMO of Contentsquare, a digital experience analytics company. The road to “work-life balance” is a near-guaranteed path to failure. Hear me out. For years now, we’ve heard endless discussions on how to make work-life balance a reality, and time and time again, we see those concepts challenged, redefined, and downright labeled an…

Op Ed: Pat McDonagh On A Career In The Virtual World

Clarity CEO Pat McDonagh muses on how his career would look today without the essential in-person moments. U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak caused a bit of a stir this week by suggesting that young people in business would benefit from being in the office because face-to-face interactions, learning opportunities and relationships are essential…

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