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• Our coverage of GBTA and industry events
• The 570: Accounts of the pandemic’s toll on corporate travel jobs
• Collaboration, culture and remote work
• The evolving roles of various industry professionals
• Best practices and tips for leadership
• Diversity in the workplace
• Outsourcing and other alternative servicing configurations
• Industry advocacy and education

It’s Time To Streamline The Hiring Process

Finding, hiring, paying and keeping talent is one of travel management’s biggest challenges. When it comes to the hiring part across the larger corporate world, organizations are scared of making a bad decision, leading to bloated, bureaucratic processes. That’s according to this article by executive search firm ECA Partners chairman Atta Tarki, author Tyler Cowen…

Dorothy Dowling Left Best Western, Will Step Down From GBTA Board

[UPDATE, Sept. 19, 2022: GBTA’s Allied Leadership Council elected Marriott International SVP for global sales Tammy Routh as its president and Avis Budget Group SVP for Americas sales Beth Kinerk as vice president. Routh takes a seat on the GBTA board of directors.] Dorothy Dowling will step down from the Global Business Travel Association board…

Managers Can’t Do It All

In recent decades sweeping reengineering, digitization and agile initiatives — and lately the move to remote work — have dramatically transformed the job of managers. Research shows that most managers are struggling to keep up. Managers now have to think about making their teams successful, rather than being served by them; coach performance, not oversee…

Is Your Hiring Process Costing You Talent?

The travel and hospitality sectors have been as hard-hit by the labor crunch as any. Across all industries, job seekers are looking for better wages, better benefits and better remote work options. They’re also losing patience with cumbersome hiring processes. Brad Chambers, global head of talent acquisition solutions at BTS, presents four questions hiring managers…

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