Getting all the relevant, bookable inventory in front of business travelers is a never-ending challenge. Airlines, hotels and other suppliers constantly tinker with their products and pricing, and usually favor direct distribution over more costly third-party channels. That creates complexity in business travel technology.

Some examples of our coverage
• Commissions and other remuneration
• Industry rules of thumb and trade secrets from the US Airways v. Sabre and U.S. v. Sabre trials
• Such newer concepts as New Distribution Capability and personalization

Sabre President Kurt Ekert: ‘We Want GetThere To Be A Showcase’ For NDC

Estimated reading time: 16 minutes The Company Dime co-founder Jay Campbell on Friday interviewed Sabre president Kurt Ekert by videoconference. Among other issues, Ekert talked about a starring role for Sabre’s GetThere corporate booking tool, hope for near-term adoption of the New Distribution Capability, an “arms race” for corporate travel management companies and how Sabre’s…

CWT RoomIt Lures Amazon From HRS For Hotel Sourcing

CWT last week announced that its RoomIt division would provide Amazon with hotel category services including sourcing, booking and rate reshopping. Amazon previously used HRS for worldwide sourcing as part of a “multi-year” agreement due to commence in 2019, according to a late 2018 announcement. Business Travel News in September identified Amazon as the largest…

CWT Invests In Reporting To Join Separately Booked Trip Components

CWT earmarked some of its development budget for new trip reporting that pulls in info from multiple bookings to make client data more comprehensive. The travel management company expects it to roll out early next year as part of a new analytics solution.  Depending on the client, upwards of 30 percent of trips may have…

With Google ITA, Deem Presents Clients A New Choice For Shopping Southwest

[CORRECTION, Oct. 19, 2022: The original version of this article included outdated information about some Southwest Airlines leisure routes not available to Deem users via certain shopping channels. There are no longer any such restrictions.] Southwest Airlines early this year began “limited” participation in the Google ITA QPX airfare search and shopping system. Corporate online…

Still Beating Display Drum, Delta Restates New Distribution Capability ‘Pause’

While continuing to argue that retailing capabilities in traditional connections and displays could improve, a Delta Air Lines exec on Wednesday said a New Distribution Capability project with Sabre that the airline halted a couple of years ago had “very much restarted.” Also this week, Delta officials clarified 2020 comments widely taken to mean NDC…

BCD Travel Ditches Travelport

BCD Travel is moving to two global distribution system partners from three, focusing on Amadeus and Sabre while leaving out Travelport. “We have a high regard for Travelport, but we’re confident that the direction we’ve taken is the right one for our business and our customers,” according to a statement attributed to Thane Jackson, BCD…

Airline Contracts Are Complex But Applying Them Need Not Be Inefficient, Developers Say

Travel management companies want to maximize revenues, corporate program managers want smooth servicing and no one wants debit memos. New integration between a pair of travel tech firms hopes to accomplish all of that and address some of the challenges of alternative airline distribution models. The key is using automation to overcome airline contract complexity….

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