Getting all the relevant, bookable inventory in front of business travelers is a never-ending challenge. Airlines, hotels and other suppliers constantly tinker with their products and pricing, and usually favor direct distribution over more costly third-party channels. That creates complexity in business travel technology.

Some examples of our coverage
• Commissions and other remuneration
• Industry rules of thumb and trade secrets from the US Airways v. Sabre and U.S. v. Sabre trials
• Such newer concepts as New Distribution Capability and personalization

McKinsey Challenges Airlines To Make Corporate Discount Programs Worthwhile

To engender loyalty, improve client performance and ensure that deals with corporate accounts generate incremental value, airlines need better data and new thinking on tailored discounts and service add-ons, according to McKinsey.  As it is, some airlines “struggle to quantify” the impact of individual client relationships on route profitability, a McKinsey spokesperson wrote by email…

Serko Hopes For Springboard From Visa Win, Tweaks Revenue Model

Corporate booking and expense tech provider Serko on Tuesday announced that Visa implemented its online booking tool for employees in the Americas and Asia/Pacific. Supported by Visa’s travel management company, CWT, the deal is significant for the New Zealand-based corporate travel tech firm, which has been seeking a U.S. foothold for a few years. Visa…

Startups Advance Intelligent Booking Attachment

Online booking and agent desktop tech provider Atriis Technologies said Wednesday that it acquired ReTravel.io, a tech and marketing platform designed to help attach items from the long tail of business travel services to booked trips. Execs see the solution as helping with corporate travel policy compliance, duty of care, spend management and overall trip…

New Flight Centre Member Group Addresses Travel Agency Pain Points With Platform Play

The rationale behind a travel agency consortium in Australia announced Thursday by Flight Centre Travel Group mirrors the major dynamics impacting travel agencies and supports the company’s diversification. Group members serving both business and leisure travelers would use Flight Centre as a platform. Broadly speaking, the “invitation-only” Link Travel Group follows on the widespread desire…

T2RL: Corporate Travel’s Fragility May Trump Impact Of Any AA Court Win Over Sabre

American Airlines and Sabre are back in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. Testimony was scheduled to begin Monday in an antitrust trial that originally went AA’s way, but returned for a redo after an appellate court ruling about mistakes made with jury instructions.  An AA win could mean more…

Amadeus Pilots Solution To Better Compare Disparate Airline Offers

In addition to accessing relevant content when booking travel, making sense of offers and how they stack up continues to be a challenge. Amadeus is working with airlines, travel management companies and corporations to allow for predetermined values on the various components of bundled, branded or otherwise personalized air travel offers at the point of…

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