Getting all the relevant, bookable inventory in front of business travelers is a never-ending challenge. Airlines, hotels and other suppliers constantly tinker with their products and pricing, and usually favor direct distribution over more costly third-party channels. That creates complexity in business travel technology.

Some examples of our coverage
• Commissions and other remuneration
• Industry rules of thumb and trade secrets from the US Airways v. Sabre and U.S. v. Sabre trials
• Such newer concepts as New Distribution Capability and personalization


The Corporate Travel World According To Flight Centre’s Leiss: Staffing And Service Are Back, Data’s A Challenge, NDC Is Nascent But Driving Economics

The Company Dime‘s Jay Campbell on June 28 interviewed Flight Centre Travel Group’s president of the Americas, Charlene Leiss, on a live show via LinkedIn Audio. They surfaced some potential conventional wisdom about a variety of topics. An edited transcript follows. So, Charlene, there’s a lot going on in the industry, but as often happens,…

Amex GBT Considers Aggregators

American Express Global Business Travel engaged airline tech consultancy T2RL to gather information about non-GDS airline content aggregators.  “It’s important for GBT to stay informed of all industry innovators and tech developers, and we often work with people who look at the industry differently,” said Martin Ferguson, the company’s VP for global communications, public affairs…

Aggregator Aeronology Gears Up For Full NDC Servicing On American Airlines

Industry agitators including the outspoken Johnny Thorsen of Spotnana assailed American Express Global Business Travel’s list of 162 NDC requirements as a barrier to innovation. Not Aeronology CEO Russell Carstensen. The Australia-based travel management veteran welcomed GBT’s prerequisites for full NDC support.  He claimed his company’s Taero agent booking platform has checked off 155 of…

Traxo Posts Free NDC Resource

Traxo published a free NDC Tracker to help corporate travel managers stay updated on airline NDC program developments. At the moment, it lists 67 carriers in varying states of evolution. Pulling from airlines, ARC, IATA, news sites and other sources, the tracker provides deadlines and program status info to help corporate travel programs adapt to…

CWT Partners With Spotnana

CWT and Spotnana are preparing to announce an alliance in which the former offers its customers services powered by the latter’s tech, according to people familiar with the matter. The companies did not comment. They also declined to comment on information from sources suggesting that Walmart intends to use Spotnana internally, following similar word about…

In NDC, ‘When?’ Takes Back Seat To ‘How Much?’

One challenge for the New Distribution Capability in corporate travel is that its protocols emphasize offers over schedules. This flips on its head the typical way travel counselors find flight options for business travelers. Sabre is trying to get airlines to adjust the NDC protocol to facilitate schedule-led search out of the box. In the…

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