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Corporate travel policies are essential for managing costs, ensuring compliance and promoting traveler well-being. The Company Dime‘s Policy category offers insights and best practices for crafting effective travel policies in today’s dynamic business environment.

Our articles cover a wide range of topics crucial for travel managers and procurement professionals. They include in-depth analyses of industry trends, expert opinions and real-world case studies. Explore the impact of new technologies, such as AI-powered audits and virtual payment solutions, on policy compliance and spend management. Learn how leading companies adapt their policies to address unique challenges posed by the rise of remote work, the “sharing economy” and sustainability concerns.

Our featured content includes:

  • Strategies for communicating policy changes and engaging travelers
  • Debates on the merits of rewards programs and gamification in driving compliance
  • Guidance on setting fair and effective reimbursement rules for meals, entertainment and other expenses
  • Insights on navigating the complex landscape of travel distribution and hotel attachment
  • Best practices for managing risk and ensuring traveler safety, particularly for vulnerable groups
  • Case studies showcasing innovative approaches to policy design and enforcement

Whether you’re looking to optimize your existing travel policy or build one from scratch, The Company Dime is an invaluable resource for staying informed and ahead of the curve.

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The Grey Areas Of Noncompliance

Policy compliance remains one of the biggest challenges for corporate travel buyers. There are lots of old and new reasons, from the practical to the psychological. Most notable is the complexity of business travel. Throw in various other factors and the notion of leakage is becoming ambiguous. If your company neither endorses nor prohibits Uber,…

Dynamic Currency Conversion Presents Hidden Cost, Simple Fix

Long known to frequent travelers, a questionable practice called dynamic currency conversion is catching more attention from bank card issuers and their clients. While the practice borders on insidious, travel professionals can protect their organizations with a little education. Bank sources said the activity — in which merchants ask foreign travelers whether they’d like charges…

Podcast 9: Evan Konwiser and Miriam Moscovici

Our ninth podcast episode features a discussion recorded this month with regulars Evan Konwiser of American Express Global Business Travel and Miriam Moscovici from BCD Travel. We spoke with them about the basics of travel management, new technology like virtual reality, risk management, open booking, concerns about online booking tools, Uber, what travel managers are missing and productivity tips.

Dinova Boosts Dining Program With Personal Points

Dinova’s new rewards program enables client employees to personally benefit from their companies’ dining dollars. Whereas in the dining network’s existing program their companies get rebates, individual participants also can now earn points redeemable for restaurant gift cards. American Express corporate cardholders working for Dinova clients can sign up for the myDinova program on its…

Academia: Travel Management’s Toughest Sell

Bridgewater State University institutional travel coordinator Greg DeMelo is on a mission. Having established a cost-saving, insourced travel management program at his school using ARC’s Corporate Travel Department designation, he wants to get all eight other Massachusetts state public universities on board. He’s got a foothold in one. Seemingly like everything in higher ed change…

New App Developing Cash-For-Comfort Exchange For Air Travelers

Travelers often complain about the airplane seats they’re stuck in. Now available in the iTunes App Store, Seateroo lets them swap for more preferable seats. The idea to create a marketplace of buyers and sellers on the same flight is a nifty one backed by a traveler survey. But how would this work in corporate…

Snack Giant Mondelēz International Takes Jumbo Bite From Travel Spend

When a CFO says the company will cut its more than $100 million travel budget in half, only suppliers need to panic. For travel managers, it’s like a power-up. That’s how Ike Ihenacho has spent the past year and a half of his professional career — unleashing newfound power at $30 billion snack maker Mondelēz International. Thanks to data consolidation from United…

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