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Corporate travel policies are essential for managing costs, ensuring compliance and promoting traveler well-being. The Company Dime‘s Policy category offers insights and best practices for crafting effective travel policies in today’s dynamic business environment.

Our articles cover a wide range of topics crucial for travel managers and procurement professionals. They include in-depth analyses of industry trends, expert opinions and real-world case studies. Explore the impact of new technologies, such as AI-powered audits and virtual payment solutions, on policy compliance and spend management. Learn how leading companies adapt their policies to address unique challenges posed by the rise of remote work, the “sharing economy” and sustainability concerns.

Our featured content includes:

  • Strategies for communicating policy changes and engaging travelers
  • Debates on the merits of rewards programs and gamification in driving compliance
  • Guidance on setting fair and effective reimbursement rules for meals, entertainment and other expenses
  • Insights on navigating the complex landscape of travel distribution and hotel attachment
  • Best practices for managing risk and ensuring traveler safety, particularly for vulnerable groups
  • Case studies showcasing innovative approaches to policy design and enforcement

Whether you’re looking to optimize your existing travel policy or build one from scratch, The Company Dime is an invaluable resource for staying informed and ahead of the curve.

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Still Nigh: The Death Of Manual Expense Reporting

Expense software developers and corporate travel providers are progressing in their efforts to kill the manual work associated with expense reporting. The application of artificial intelligence appears to be accelerating what has been a slow and painful demise. Emburse on Tuesday announced AI-powered receipt scanning — “the next step in realizing Emburse’s vision of an…

New AI Service From PredictX Turbocharges Travel Management, Infosec Permitting

Upload your travel policy and create a multilingual chatbot employees can query. Talk to a “consultant.” Get another set of “eyes” on a new policy or supplier contract. Quickly analyze service level agreements for what you’re owed. These are promises of a new commercially and personally “secure” artificial intelligence tool for enterprises from PredictX, currently…

To Be Fair, Biotech BeiGene Stratifies Meal Reimbursement

Per-person meal costs tend to be higher for groups than for solo diners. Per-capita food costs when companies contract with hotels and restaurants for dedicated event space are higher still. Internal meetings among remote workers who interact less frequently on a day-to-day basis are on the rise. Accounting for all that, BeiGene last month enacted…

Raja’s Blend: American Concocts Corporate Travel Story

“Blended” travel at American Airlines is trending down and approaching its historical level, potentially undermining one element of a narrative about why the company changed just about everything it does with the managed corporate travel market. Some of its arguments about how the market has changed met with skepticism. That doesn’t mean it’s going to…

Gillespie: Firms Could Cut Up To 30 Percent Of Trips With Little Or No Economic Loss

Corporations focused a procurement lens on travel en masse beginning around the turn of the century. The new emphasis on spend management surfaced questions about the return on investment in trips, and with the 2007-2008 financial crisis, companies began demanding answers. Some industry organizations attempted to answer the demand with research, but it did not…

Navan Pays Business Travelers Up To $100 In Leisure Credit To Book Its Hotel Rates

To accelerate growth and support its leisure travel diversion, Navan next week will relaunch its program rewarding business travelers who purchase “cost-conscious” hotels. It will label eligible hotels in search results with a “Rewards” symbol and exclude rates negotiated by employers. Because “this year has taught us that reducing costs is the No. 1 priority…

Game On: AA, Buyers Wield Leverage

Some corporate travel programs are blocking American Airlines now that the carrier has removed many fares from traditional third-party distribution channels. Observations like this one from SAP Concur align with anecdotes from several corporate buyers who are reacting to both the distribution move and AA’s overall de-emphasis of the corporate market. But preventing travelers from…

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