Business travel is all about productivity — whether that relates to its fundamental use for more efficient collaboration, guarding against bureaucracy to ensure seamless collaboration, or generally purchasing the right services at the right prices so trip missions deliver the most value. It also means helping employees avoid getting bogged down in post-trip red tape. The coverage below digs into issues, processes, tools and tricks.

Some examples
• The movement of services to mobile devices and/or chatbots
• Stories about expedited airport screening and business travel’s ROI
• Trends like artificial intelligence and rewards
• The pandemic-era struggle to avoid quarantines

Deem Builds Unique Uber For Business Integration Into Corporate Travel Site And Apps

If all goes according to plan, Deem’s corporate booking tool and mobile apps this summer will be the first of their kind to allow Uber for Business users to book scheduled and on-demand rides. According to Deem head of mobility Nikolaj Koester, about nine in 10 trips through ridehailing companies are on-demand. “You’ve never been…

For Workers Who Are Never On Site, The ‘Off-Site’ Still Beckons

Some companies find bonding outside the tasks of a typical workday is more important than ever if that workday remains remote. By Lora Kelley. “Fun to be had! Fun. To. Be. Had!” Todd Zanzinger crowed to an audience of remote tech workers on Zoom. It was the opening ceremony of an information technology company’s virtual…

Counting On ‘Endemic’: The Travel Industry Readies For A Potentially New Phase

By Ceylan Yeginsu, with Aina Jabeen Khan contributing from London. In Britain and Denmark most coronavirus restrictions have been lifted, including mask mandates; Austria and the Netherlands have eased lockdown measures despite surges in cases, and in late January, the European Union recommended that vaccinated residents should not be required to undergo testing or quarantine…

Adapting To Digital Disruption: How Incumbents Survive And Thrive

We cannot overstate the internet’s impact on business services like travel management, or can we? According to London Business School research, most industry sectors “have been surprisingly stable” over the past 25 years. Professor Julian Birkinshaw describes how incumbent firms should respond to disruption, and the benefits and risks of different approaches. The prevailing narrative…

With Pana Out Of The Picture, Some TMCs See Non-Employee Travel As A Discrete Revenue Line

Arranging and purchasing travel for guests, interns, recruits and other non-employees is perceived by some to be challenging enough that focusing on it helped the entrepreneurs at Pana build a company interesting enough to be acquired. Spend management firm Coupa had other reasons to pay $48.5 million plus stock for Pana, and some customers now are…

GBTA Survey Finds Email Still Rules In Travel Program Communications

One of the biggest challenges of the pandemic for organizational travel program managers is keeping up with changing information and updating travelers on what they need to know. A late summer 2021 poll released last week by the Global Business Travel Association examined travel program communications from the perspectives of more than 500 U.S.-based managed…

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