Business travel is all about productivity — whether that relates to its fundamental use for more efficient collaboration, guarding against bureaucracy to ensure seamless collaboration, or generally purchasing the right services at the right prices so trip missions deliver the most value. It also means helping employees avoid getting bogged down in post-trip red tape. The coverage below digs into issues, processes, tools and tricks.

Some examples
• The movement of services to mobile devices and/or chatbots
• Stories about expedited airport screening and business travel’s ROI
• Trends like artificial intelligence and rewards
• The pandemic-era struggle to avoid quarantines

Op Ed: Brandon Strauss On A Skeptic’s View Of Generative Artificial Intelligence 

Brandon Strauss of CapTrav and KesselRun Corporate Travel Solutions explains why he’s in “watch and learn” mode when it comes to generative artificial intelligence.  Claude Shannon, a computer scientist and founder of information theory, published “A Mathematical Theory of Communication” in 1948, which defined how messages are carried from sender to receiver. This theory became…

Op Ed: Bryan Holmes On Next-Gen Corporate Travel Service Level Agreements And KPIs

Consultant Bryan Holmes dissects the components of thoughtful service level agreements in corporate travel management company relationships. Imagine you are a doctor faced with a patient exhibiting puzzling symptoms and debilitating pain. In this critical moment, where effective decision-making is key to relief, you would turn to a blend of clinical evaluation (gathering symptoms) and…

Tripism Seeks New Traveler Engagement Avenues With TMC Partnership Model

An engagement platform offering traveling employees a central source for corporate program info, Tripism last month announced an agreement with U.K.-based Good Travel Management to bring its services to small and medium-sized enterprises.  Unlike Tripism’s direct work with large corporates and its partnership with BCD Travel, in the case of GTM, the TMC is the client….

Notebook: Catch Up On Airline Distribution

The Global Business Travel Association’s New Jersey chapter on Nov. 9 hosted a webinar on airline distribution featuring JTB Business Travel, SAP Concur, Sabre and United Airlines. Moderated by The Company Dime‘s Jay Campbell, the discussion featured observations about the status of the New Distribution Capability, where it’s going, some of its challenges, what the…

Expensify Stakes A Lot On New Expense Management Approach

A top choice for expense software, especially among small and midsized enterprises, Expensify has always wanted to be something more. Its founder and CEO is not afraid to take risks. In the face of strong headwinds 15 years after its inception, Expensify is putting a lot on the line with its latest concept for expensing. …

AI Text Processing Sparks New Phase Of Travel Management Productivity

Travel management companies using Amgine Technologies and communications tech firms like Front have entered a new era of productivity.  Travel Incorporated is processing between five and 10 bookings initiated by traveler emails this way for every standard agent-assisted booking.  Newer Amgine clients Christopherson Business Travel and Executive Travel are excited about the potential. All three…

Op Ed: Marc Casto On The Need For A ‘SuperProfile’

Casto Travel Philippines CEO Marc Casto is impressed by the potential of integration of the artificial intelligence tool Bard into Google’s applications. Unlike traditional static profiles, a new “SuperProfile” adapts to travelers’ changing preferences by using extensive data from emails, search history, social media and more. Casto explores the possibilities and emphasizes the importance of…

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