Risk for travelers, their employers and travel suppliers takes many forms. Coverage in this area explores the myriad threats and considerations, disciplines built around them (like travel risk management), providers that help mitigate and respond, and internal policies and processes.

Some examples
Duty of care
Hotel security
• Internal and external fraud
Cybersecurity, privacy and data protection
• How Covid vaccines impact travel
• Using
 pre-trip approvals
• Traveler wellness
• Traveler safety and security
Trafficking, sexual assault and discrimination 

Op Ed: Sam Hilgendorf On The Role Of Self-Sovereign Identification In Travel

Glimpsing backward and forward, Fox World Travel chief information officer Sam Hilgendorf offers a primer on how self-sovereign identification works and a description of how it will impact business travel. When was the last time you felt in full control of your identity and personal information? For me, it was around 1997. I had my…

Risk Management Tipped To Be More Holistic, But Everbridge Investor Calls Its Efforts ‘Haphazard’

Critical event management specialist Everbridge on Thursday responded to an activist investor calling for its sale by saying it would pause “material” acquisitions, accelerate internal integrations and simplify its products. A press official did not offer details on the impact such moves could have on travel risk management firm Anvil Group, which Everbridge bought last…

U.S. Flight Attendants Balk At Ending Mask Mandate On Planes

The U.S. mask mandate for air travel is due to expire in March, but some flight attendants say that’s too soon. By Alyssa Lukpat. With federal in-flight and airport mask mandates scheduled to expire next month, a flight attendants’ union is pushing the Biden administration to extend the mask requirement until more people are vaccinated…

Tools Emerge To Help Travelers, Buyers And Bosses Decide Whether To Go Or Stay

To stay or go? To meet and how? What’s it worth? Risk calculators from academics and others are helping members of the general population make up their minds about going out and doing things. Decision fatigue applies to business development, networking and training as much as it does holiday family gatherings. If you have had…

Public Streets Are The Lab For Self-Driving Experiments

With Tesla making its way into the rental car market and business travelers choosing from a variety of new mobility modes, employers need to keep their ground transportation risk policies up to date. Roy Furchgott writes about how regulations determine liability for autonomous driving, a quickly arriving technology. Tesla’s relentless vision for self-driving cars has…

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