Risk for travelers, their employers and travel suppliers takes many forms. Coverage in this area explores the myriad threats and considerations, disciplines built around them (like travel risk management), providers that help mitigate and respond, and internal policies and processes.

Some examples
Duty of care
Hotel security
• Internal and external fraud
Cybersecurity, privacy and data protection
• How Covid vaccines impact travel
• Using
 pre-trip approvals
• Traveler wellness
• Traveler safety and security
Trafficking, sexual assault and discrimination 

Your Face Is, Or Will Be, Your Boarding Pass

Many see biometrics-based systems for security screening and other airport processes as a way to build travel infrastructure for the expected volume recovery. That should mean shorter lines and more productive time during trips. This article by Elaine Glusac runs down the latest developments. If it’s been a year or more since you traveled, particularly…

Op Ed: Danny Hood On Recovery Strategies For The Travel Industry

Danny Hood has seen it all during a career spanning four decades. In 1993 he joined WorldTravel Partners, which became WorldTravel BTI in 2001 and BCD Travel in 2006. He served the company as president of the Americas until 2010. Over the years, corporate travel boomed and busted a few times, and Hood was involved…

Explainer: Self-Sovereign Identity

People share a lot of personal information through digital channels, and the entities they interact with access more of it than they need. Individuals have little control over the transmission of their data and who gets what. The concept of a decentralized, self-sovereign identity fixes that while addressing cybersecurity and streamlining processes. A self-sovereign identity…

How Two Flights To Europe May Have Spurred Spread Of New Variant

A confounding array of Covid rules and lax enforcement of mask wearing may have sent infected passengers on two KLM flights from South Africa on to “who knows where.” By Jason Horowitz, with reporting by Claire Moses, Emma Bubola and Heather Murphy. For the hundreds of passengers traveling from South Africa to Amsterdam on Friday,…

As World Shuts Borders To Stop Omicron, Japan Offers A Cautionary Tale

Japan, which has been very cautious throughout the pandemic, is again barring all nonresident foreigners. There is an economic and human cost. By Motoko Rich and Hikari Hida, with reporting by Hisako Ueno and Makiko Inoue in Tokyo; Dera Menra Sijabat in Jakarta, Indonesia; Richard C. Paddock in Bangkok; John Yoon in Seoul; Raymond Zhong…

A ‘Very Credible’ Candidate: This Recruiting Scam Is Underway Now

“Victoria Jones,” head of leadership consulting at Exec Search Pros Inc., emailed yours truly on Oct. 29 about a client that had “retained us to fill various senior-level positions in one of their recent acquisitions. I was referred to you by an outside talent sourcing firm and based on your previous experience I think you…

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