Much of the rationale for a managed travel program is providing appropriate and satisfactory service to corporate travelers. That means working with airlines, hotels, ground transport firms, travel management companies, tech providers and others to optimize each step of a trip, from booking and planning through to post-trip reports and surveys.

Coverage areas include:
• Travel agents, both real and virtual
• Employee engagement
Mobile technologies for travelers
• Variability in hotel services
Personalizing travel
Visa processing travel

AI Text Processing Sparks New Phase Of Travel Management Productivity

Travel management companies using Amgine Technologies and communications tech firms like Front have entered a new era of productivity.  Travel Incorporated is processing between five and 10 bookings initiated by traveler emails this way for every standard agent-assisted booking.  Newer Amgine clients Christopherson Business Travel and Executive Travel are excited about the potential. All three…

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At the end of September, Travelport reduced its workforce. Sources said the cut was about 10 percent of employees. A media relations official declined to address that figure. “Our goal is to be the industry’s most effective and efficient company, delivering the best technology that enables our customers to be the most modern retailers,” the…

Op Ed: Marc Casto On The Need For A ‘SuperProfile’

Casto Travel Philippines CEO Marc Casto is impressed by the potential of integration of the artificial intelligence tool Bard into Google’s applications. Unlike traditional static profiles, a new “SuperProfile” adapts to travelers’ changing preferences by using extensive data from emails, search history, social media and more. Casto explores the possibilities and emphasizes the importance of…

Notebook: Buyers Explain Challenges Of Managing Non-Employee Travel

How much to invest in support for recruits, board members, interns, consultants, contractors and other guest travelers can be a tough call, according to speakers at GBTA’s convention last month. BCD Travel and Fox World Travel are among the latest providers to come up with solutions for this headache of the non-profiled. The booking, payment,…

Notebook: Airport Officials Want Travel Buyer Input To Influence Service

Opening communications channels with local airports may represent an untapped opportunity for corporate travel managers to improve air service, according to four airport development officials speaking at last month’s GBTA convention. While there are a lot of variables and nothing is guaranteed, the speakers were certain that airlines can’t factor in information on local companies’…

What’s The Cost Of A Better Travel Experience? GoldSpring Helps Find Answers

Many surveys have sought to determine how companies can improve the travel experience by capturing sentiments about this perk or that convenience. GoldSpring Consulting went further by ascribing costs and building a model to calculate the price of greater traveler satisfaction. It already produced surprising results about priorities and potentially easy program improvements. The effort…

The Corporate Travel World According To Flight Centre’s Leiss: Staffing And Service Are Back, Data’s A Challenge, NDC Is Nascent But Driving Economics

The Company Dime‘s Jay Campbell on June 28 interviewed Flight Centre Travel Group’s president of the Americas, Charlene Leiss, on a live show via LinkedIn Audio. They surfaced some potential conventional wisdom about a variety of topics. An edited transcript follows. So, Charlene, there’s a lot going on in the industry, but as often happens,…

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