Much of the rationale for a managed travel program is providing appropriate and satisfactory service to corporate travelers. That means working with airlines, hotels, ground transport firms, travel management companies, tech providers and others to optimize each step of a trip, from booking and planning through to post-trip reports and surveys.

Coverage areas include:
• Travel agents, both real and virtual
• Employee engagement
Mobile technologies for travelers
• Variability in hotel services
Personalizing travel
Visa processing travel

Aggregator Aeronology Gears Up For Full NDC Servicing On American Airlines

Industry agitators including the outspoken Johnny Thorsen of Spotnana assailed American Express Global Business Travel’s list of 162 NDC requirements as a barrier to innovation. Not Aeronology CEO Russell Carstensen. The Australia-based travel management veteran welcomed GBT’s prerequisites for full NDC support.  He claimed his company’s Taero agent booking platform has checked off 155 of…

Is Airline Service A Difference-Maker? Not Really, Say Corporate Travel Folks

In its opposition to proposed U.S. federal protections for air travelers, IATA last month said passengers could “take their loyalty to other carriers if they are not satisfied with service levels.” In corporate travel, this is more theory than practice. While compensation for inconvenience would be nice, individual business travelers with options tend to favor…

SkyLink, Another AI Startup, Automates Traveler-Agent Communications

Travel management company sources are abuzz over SkyLink, a heretofore stealth-mode firm enhancing corporate travel messaging with artificial intelligence. According to its creators, it’s bringing Silicon Valley to corporate travel. That means more than just faster and better — it’s a “fundamental rethink” that can shift “what an industry looks like,” according to co-founder and…

Hotel Engine Joins Intermediaries Creating Flexibility For A Fee

Lodging aggregator Hotel Engine has a new service allowing business clients to cancel and modify reservations up to noon on the day of check-in for a $200 monthly subscription fee. It’s a “pro” version of the same flexibility option for individual bookings, which the company said saved its members $5 million on more than 55,000…

TravelPerk Closes In On $200M In Annualized Revenue, Seeks AI Efficiencies

TravelPerk is targeting 70 percent revenue growth for 2023. That’s after the company hit $100 million in annualized revenue late last year. The Barcelona-based corporate travel agency is doing this without the benefit of enterprise clients, which it is not pursuing. Here’s a lightly edited transcript of The Company Dime co-founder Jay Campbell’s Monday conversation…

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