In corporate travel, sourcing is all about negotiating deals with airlines, hotels, car rental companies and other suppliers. Of course, organizations want to get the best value, but travel procurement is about more than price. It’s also about using data to monitor performance on both sides, working with intermediaries, building deeper relationships and exploring new technologies that improve processes.

Some examples
Extending or renegotiating contracts
• Assessing marketshare and volumes
• Hotel RFPs, rates, LRA and security
Political and social considerations
Working with intermediaries

CWT RoomIt Lures Amazon From HRS For Hotel Sourcing

CWT last week announced that its RoomIt division would provide Amazon with hotel category services including sourcing, booking and rate reshopping. Amazon previously used HRS for worldwide sourcing as part of a “multi-year” agreement due to commence in 2019, according to a late 2018 announcement. Business Travel News in September identified Amazon as the largest…

Airline Contracts Are Complex But Applying Them Need Not Be Inefficient, Developers Say

Travel management companies want to maximize revenues, corporate program managers want smooth servicing and no one wants debit memos. New integration between a pair of travel tech firms hopes to accomplish all of that and address some of the challenges of alternative airline distribution models. The key is using automation to overcome airline contract complexity….

Tripbam Asks, Where Did All The Hotel Chainwide Discounts Go?

The biggest knock on any discount program buyers secure with hotel properties and chains is that travelers can’t access preferred rates. That wastes the negotiating effort and eliminates some expected savings. According to Tripbam, for many enterprise clients, that’s been the case this year for chainwide deals. The reasons aren’t clear.  Due to localized hotel…

Challenge The Consultants’ M&A Synergies? ‘You Have Every Right’

San Diego — Managing travel programs and contracts for a company acquiring or getting bought by another is no picnic. That’s fine, suggested veteran travel buyer Colleen Kearney. It’s no time to watch the clouds roll by.  A lot of things are out of the travel manager’s control in such a situation. “Clean” teams tend…

Op Ed: CWT’s Pauline Robin On The Pitfalls Of Chainwide Hotel Deals 

Pauline Robin of CWT RoomIt shares data that prompts questions about whether travel managers achieve their goals using chainwide hotel deals. Chainwide deals represent an integral part of a company’s hotel program. They supplement uniquely negotiated, core hotels as corporations aim to get the best possible savings and coverage while delivering sufficient breadth to support…

United Preps Distribution Channels For Continuous Pricing

United Airlines is testing continuous pricing on some U.S. routes. The concept frees airlines from the traditional alphabet-based fare class structure and permits more flexibility with smaller jumps between price points. Distributing such fares through all channels is a challenge, and United is pressing ahead on direct booking for corporate accounts. It’s planning a new…

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