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Hotels Consider More Cancellation Policy Tweaks

[UPDATE, June 16, 2017: Marriott International on June 15 introduced a new 48-hour cancellation policy at all hotels across all brands in the Americas, except Design Hotels, effective immediately. “Guests will now be required to cancel their room reservation by midnight 48 hours prior to arrival to avoid a fee,” according to a company statement….

Competition Pushing Airfares Down

At the beginning of the year, this publication laid out reasons why airfares may not follow dropping fuel costs. Nine months on, it’s clear they have, but it’s not all because of oil prices. Demand growth this year isn’t as robust as expected, dragged down by sharply reduced volumes from the energy sector. There’s been some pick-up in overall capacity led by…

American Express Global Business Travel Wants To ‘Own’ An Online Booking Tool

They have hinted about it before, and American Express Global Business Travel officials this week reinforced the company’s desire to own an online booking tool. The big question is, in what sense? “We will have our own solution,” said chief sales officer Christine Ourmières-Widener during an interview Tuesday. She said the company fully expects to continue supporting a variety of tools, but “having…

Delta Aims To Get ‘Em Young

Delta Air Lines has taken its interest in building loyalty among young business travelers to the corporate level. A relatively new, sometimes aggressive discount program targets up-and-coming midsize and tech businesses. It doesn’t require marketshare or volume commitments to get started. Sources said the deals run from 2 percent discounts off restricted coach to several…

Podcast 3: Pam Massey, Patrice Simon, Miriam Moscovici

On our third podcast episode, Jay Campbell interviews Pam Massey about the new and old challenges of managing travel in a non-governmental organization, and how leadership change is prompting new approaches. Pam shared tips on communication and being flexible on policy for the sake of service quality, as well as her new thinking on travel management company RFPs. Later…

Travel And Transport Invests In Control

Travel and Transport isn’t in the “mega” TMC category, but it’s big enough now for global aspirations beyond the Radius Travel network it has helped steer for more than 20 years. Investing in overseas markets is one way the Omaha, Neb.-based company is trying to control its future. So is building more proprietary systems, including an agent desktop and a business intelligence platform. After years of exploring…

Did Your Firm Enroll In The Airbnb Business Program? Are You Sure?

Airbnb last month announced that “business demand” surged and more than 1,000 companies had “formally” made it “part of their corporate travel programs.” The statement garnered press about corporate executives clamoring for the service, but it overreached. After our queries, Airbnb deleted the word “formally” from its announcement. [UPDATE, Sept. 21: Oddly, Airbnb has since reinserted the…

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