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AA-Delta Interlining Impact: Small But Not Insignificant

[UPDATE, Jan. 24, 2018: Delta Air Lines said it reached a new deal with American Airlines to handle customer reaccommodation during bad weather and other disruptions. “The new ticketing and baggage agreement will allow both carriers to rebook customers impacted by irregular operations on one another’s flights,” according to a Delta statement. A Delta official…

Concur’s Risk Service Is ‘Open’ But Hasn’t Attracted Key TRM Providers

As some Concur clients test the new version of its Messenger iOS app, released last month, Concur’s self-described “open” approach to integrating with travel risk management firms already includes five providers, but not some of the bigger names. In the making since Concur two years ago acquired messaging firm conTgo, the app is the mobile companion to Concur’s Messaging service….

Hertz Backs Off

[UPDATE, Feb. 13, 2017: Hertz chief revenue officer Jeff Foland will leave the company on Feb. 28. The move will follow new CEO Kathryn Marinello’s plans for “structural changes in North America to facilitate her direct interaction with senior managers and to fast-track decision-making to accelerate performance improvement,” according to a Hertz financial filing. Marinello…

Keep An Eye On APIs, Travel Buyers Advised

CIO Magazine announced Aug. 1 that Marriott International earned a “CIO100” award for its application programming interface platform, created in 2014. Marriott senior director for B2B e-commerce Geoff Heuchling earlier that week gave corporate travel professionals an idea of why APIs matter to them. He made them sound pretty huge. Enabling new ways to integrate internal applications, distribute data externally, service customers…

Sabre’s Silence On Security ‘Incident’ Isn’t Unusual, But It’s Still Making Travel Managers Nervous

[UPDATE, Dec. 2: Sabre announced that the investigation concluded, “and our review found no loss of traveler data, including no unauthorized access to or acquisition of sensitive protected information, such as payment card data or personally identifiable information.”] Some travel management pros are concerned about a lack of new information on Sabre’s recent security incident. A Bloomberg report more than…

Booking Lufthansa Partner Codeshare Flights Has Consequences

As Lufthansa’s 16 euro fee for booking through global distribution channels apparently takes effect, some will seek a “loophole” by using partner codes. However, doing so can cause problems that call into question what the airline industry calls metal neutrality. Code shares within an airline joint venture provide many more travel options than a single carrier can with its own…

TripLink’s Participating TMCs Have Doubts

Several of Concur’s travel management company partners now are integrated with TripLink, but some have serious doubts about a major part of the program. Concur last month announced that Adelman Travel Group, Cain Travel, Christopherson Business Travel, Frosch, Gant Travel and Travel Incorporated were live with TripLink. Concur named the providers in its announcement that Lufthansa next year will join the “direct” version…

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