Sustainability is a broad topic, with several implications for the travel industry. Environmental concerns and climate change usually get the most attention, but good corporate citizenship means sustainable business practices in such areas as community outreach and development, equitable job opportunities and more.

Some examples of our coverage
• The role of remote/virtual conferencing
• Environmental, social and governance issues

Gillespie: Firms Could Cut Up To 30 Percent Of Trips With Little Or No Economic Loss

Corporations focused a procurement lens on travel en masse beginning around the turn of the century. The new emphasis on spend management surfaced questions about the return on investment in trips, and with the 2007-2008 financial crisis, companies began demanding answers. Some industry organizations attempted to answer the demand with research, but it did not…

Berlin-Based Startup Tagtu Resolves To Make Business Trips More Productive

Downtime is nice, but are we getting enough done on trips? In its quest to maximize business travel productivity, one Germany-based startup is pulling from themes in pre-trip approval, return on travel investment and the pandemic- and sustainability-driven emphasis on fewer but longer excursions. Called Tagtu and founded in 2021 by business travelers from outside…

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