Sustainability is a broad topic, with several implications for the travel industry. Environmental concerns and climate change usually get the most attention, but good corporate citizenship means sustainable business practices in such areas as community outreach and development, equitable job opportunities and more.

Some examples of our coverage
• The role of remote/virtual conferencing
• Environmental, social and governance issues

Do Airline Climate Offsets Really Work? Here’s The Good News, And The Bad.

Traveling companies and the airlines their workers fly have taken a variety of approaches to mitigating environmental impact, from carbon offsets and credits to purchasing sustainable aviation fuel to longer-term projects like direct carbon sequestration. While carbon credits could eventually play an important role, right now a few dollars’ worth won’t change much, according to…

Is Remote Work Actually Better For The Environment?

As remote-work models become increasingly popular, fewer of employees’ sustainability effects, including impacts from travel, are likely to take place under employers’ physical roofs. But they will still occur on their watch. Making work from home sustainable requires doing more than calculating a simple commute trade-off, according to Ganga Shreedharis, Kate Laffan and Laura M….

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