Sustainability is a broad topic, with several implications for the travel industry. Environmental concerns and climate change usually get the most attention, but good corporate citizenship means sustainable business practices in such areas as community outreach and development, equitable job opportunities and more.

Some examples of our coverage
• The role of remote/virtual conferencing
• Environmental, social and governance issues

What’s The Cost Of A Better Travel Experience? GoldSpring Helps Find Answers

Many surveys have sought to determine how companies can improve the travel experience by capturing sentiments about this perk or that convenience. GoldSpring Consulting went further by ascribing costs and building a model to calculate the price of greater traveler satisfaction. It already produced surprising results about priorities and potentially easy program improvements. The effort…

Data Firm Cerebri Claims New Carbon Calculator Is Within 1 Percent Accurate

Big data company Cerebri created a carbon calculator and examined the variance between pre-trip predictions and actual flight emissions. Its model produced overall results that fell within 1 percent of actuals, though for any given flight, the swing was plus or minus 10 percent, according to co-founder and CEO Jean Belanger. Launched in 2016, Cerebri…

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