Sustainability is a broad topic, with several implications for the travel industry. Environmental concerns and climate change usually get the most attention, but good corporate citizenship means sustainable business practices in such areas as community outreach and development, equitable job opportunities and more.

Some examples of our coverage
• The role of remote/virtual conferencing
• Environmental, social and governance issues

Op Ed: Scott Gillespie On The Case For A Bold New Travel Policy

Scott Gillespie of tClara warned that his advice here would make “old-school” procurement folks gnash their teeth. “So be it,” he said. The sustainability issue is rising quickly up the executive agenda. The problem is what to do about it from a business travel perspective. I see a boldly simple but controversial solution with broader…

Climate Activism On Corporate Travel Reaches New Heights

The Guardian on Thursday highlighted a pressure campaign to get Microsoft to cap business travel emissions at 2020 levels. Supported by several organizations, including the Aviation Environment Federation, Carbon Market Watch and Stay Grounded, the #justuseteams initiative features video clips of young people pleading with the corporation to limit business travel’s contribution to climate change….

Buyers, Intermediaries To ‘Hold Hotels Accountable’ For Environmental Protection

Air travel gets a lot of attention, but lodging also generates greenhouse gas emissions. Given the number of hotel options in a given market, there may be more that companies can do about it. To overcome inconsistent reporting and disparate methodologies across the industry, some corporate buyers are developing their own hotel assessment tools. A…

Corporate Collaboration On Sustainable Aviation Fuels Accelerates

Proponents of sustainable aviation fuels hope that momentum from corporates and governments on climate change action translates to big investments in cleaner flying. A raft of recent airline announcements points to growing attention in this area. A corporate group buying initiative launched on Tuesday. The Rocky Mountain Institute and Environmental Defense Fund created the Sustainable…

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