Corporate online booking and expense management market leader SAP Concur will take North America-hosted systems offline this Saturday to upgrade its network infrastructure, the company informed clients. Concur estimated that the work, beginning April 7 at 12 p.m. PDT, would last 10 hours. It said customers using Concur’s EMEA or China data centers would not be affected.

The upgrade “will provide improved scalability and control and will significantly improve system reliability,” according to SAP Concur. The company has suffered from significant reliability issues in the past, and three years ago it committed to slowing down innovation to fix the basics.

Users will be directed to an “ongoing maintenance” page when attempting to book travel or submit expenses during the downtime. TripIt app users “may temporarily be unable to process new booking confirmations or send flight delay or other alerts, and may not be able to access the website or update their itineraries or accounts,” Concur told clients.

The company said the change would improve stability and operational simplicity, and “double our current network.”

“If there are any issues, we will revert to the old infrastructure and reschedule the maintenance work,” according to the client note. A worst-case scenario would have Concur rolling back three phases of the upgrade, a process that it estimated would take about six hours.

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