[UPDATE, Feb. 7 2019: Delta and TripActions have reconciled with one another. More here.]

TripActions has stopped booking Delta Air Lines through proprietary interfaces after a period of months during which Delta expressed displeasure about how the startup travel management company displayed its content. First reported in Business Travel News, the removal of Delta content from the core TripActions platform took place this week, according to sources.

Clients had been booking Delta in TripActions throughout the dispute but now, they said, they needed to use a workaround that points travelers to Delta’s website.

According to a prepared statement from TripActions, it is “working with Delta to enhance its display capabilities to ensure Delta’s display requirements are met. During the development phase, Delta content will not be available through TripActions.” A Delta official said much the same. “We are working with TripActions to ensure they are able to meet Delta’s display requirements before our flight information can be available through that platform,” according to a statement.

Still a matter of speculation is just what TripActions was doing wrong. The companies offered no more information.

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