Teleconference 13: Hotel Negotiating

Hotel Negotiating
Oct. 26, 2017

Download the recording here. Check out the slides below.

For most corporate buyers, annual hotel rate negotiations are a necessary evil. They sap time and resources, and make many question just how necessary the effort really is. This year might be even more challenging, thanks to Marriott’s acquisition of Starwood and a push by hoteliers to make cancellation policies stricter. Yet, maintaining meaningful relationships can be critical. Preferred rates may not always beat the spot market, but they often have more perks and fewer restrictions. Putting favorable options in front of travelers improves hotel attachment and provides some assurances on safety and security.


With buyers and hoteliers in the throes of 2018 rate discussions, we discussed how all these facets fit into today’s negotiating climate. Our expert panel included travel management pros Yvonne Moya from Festive Road and Sharon McManus from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and AccorHotels global account director Susan Shaid-Kedson.

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