Teleconference 18: Enterprise Engagement

Enterprise Engagement
March 8, 2018

Download the recording here. Check out the slides below.

Engaging all stakeholders is no easy task for travel management pros. Anne Barlow from UBS, Julia Fidler from Microsoft and Louise Kilgannon from Festive Road provided tips on this teleconference episode.

When dealing with risk and security teams, be sure everyone knows where their responsibilities start and end. The finance department wants stats and “evidence” to explain what is driving costs and other program performance, but its goals aren’t always related to savings. IT departments may be working on projects that can help travel management or be helped by it, so make sure to keep open the lines of communication.

Above all, be bold. Be willing to make mistakes. Listen. Know your audience and tailor the message. Make sure sharing best practices is a two-way street. Be an internal marketer for travel, and a business leader, not “just a travel manager.”