Teleconference 20: Dave Hilfman

Dave Hilfman
May 10, 2018

The industry has the full-time attention of one of its favorite sons for a few more months, and he made a stop on our Teleconference!

Tramada’s Mary Ellen George and The Company Dime interviewed United Airlines SVP of worldwide sales Dave Hilfman as he winds down the back nine of his career. We heard from Dave about his background and his approach to business. His secrets of success are simple if not also hard to execute for many. Truly listen. Kindness isn’t weakness. Confrontation doesn’t have to be negative. Recognize people for their work.

We discussed the evolution of airline distribution, the shift to a more traveler-centric perspective and concerns about the rapid spread of misinformation online. Dave also noted how hard travel managers and TMCs work to create supportive and cost-effective programs — thankless as that job may be in the eyes of some travelers.

Don’t know Dave? Click play to hear what people* had to say about him before our show.


*Thanks to Cvent’s Afeef Khalil, Partnership Travel Consulting’s Susan Lichtenstein, Twelve Squared Growth’s Mitch Gross, HRS’ Michael Brophy, David LeCompte of Short’s Travel Management, The BTN Group’s Edie Garfinkle, tClara’s Scott Gillespie, Nicki Leeds of Hess, Options Travel’s Mark Walton, Direct Travel’s Madia Sargent, Cindy Heston from Anthem, Jim Carter of American Airlines and Kerin McKinnon from Travel and Transport.