Teleconference 22: Debating The Role Of Traveler Satisfaction

Debating The Role Of Traveler Satisfaction
July 12, 2018
Special 90-minute episode

What should travel management’s main goal be? If you said cost savings, are you old school? Should road warriors or millennials get special policies? Should travel programs be giving employees points and gifts for good spending decisions? And what’s the future of travel management about?

We attacked these and other arguable topics from all sides in a debate call starring Microsoft global director of travel, venuesource and payment Eric Bailey, tClara CEO Scott Gillespie, EAB vice president of business solutions Steven Mandelbaum, and Tripbam CEO Steve Reynolds, with BCD Travel senior director of research and corporate innovation Miriam Moscovici as co-moderator and color commentator.

So how was it?
Play some snippets:

Order of appearance: Bailey, Mandelbaum, Gillespie, Reynolds, Moscovici

And here are some responses from attendees:
• “Entertaining chat.”
• “One of the best sessions I have ever heard. Loved it.”
• “Really great stuff.”

It’s not too late to catch the debate. Click the “Add to card” button at top or bottom to download the full recording for $10.

More background…

Those who follow this space already know that Gillespie is on one side of the debate while Reynolds is on the other. Microsoft and its collaborators challenged the industry to think about traveler satisfaction with their manifesto. Critics said it reflects tech industry luxuries.

Traveler happiness. Employee engagement. Better coordination between travel and human resources. No matter how you slice it, this is one of the biggest topics of debate in the travel management profession.