Teleconference 26: NDC In Corporate Travel, Part Two

NDC In Corporate Travel, Part Two
November 8, 2018

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NDC: Separating Facts from Fiction, Part Two, GBTA, 2018
NDC: Separating Facts from Fiction, Part One, GBTA, 2018

With airlines pushing the New Distribution Capability and distributors beginning to play, is it time for corporate travel managers to pay closer attention? Perhaps, but it’s hard to know where to start.

S&P Global travel director Ann Dery is chair of the IATA North America Travel Manager Advisory Group. She joined group member and Veritas travel and meetings director Claire Blades, and Travelport Americas president and managing director Simon Ferguson, on our teleconference to discuss what travel managers should know and do about NDC.

Addressing the general belief that corporate travel tech plumbing needs an upgrade, the trio talked about challenges to what’s being done about that.

Download the recording to find out what our speakers said about other questions, too. Who will pay? What’s the risk of staying on the sidelines? What will it mean for traveler productivity? For industry partners?

Our first teleconference event on NDC took place in April 2017. You can grab the recording here.

Additional info: Representing Amazon, AstraZeneca, Microsoft, Nestle, UBS and several more companies, the IATA Travel Manager Advisory Group in September 2018 wrote an open letter to the travel management community urging it to get more involved.

The group suggested that corporate travel buyers start including NDC and distribution-related questions in their requests for proposals for airlines, travel management companies, corporate booking tools and other tech providers. It asked travel management companies to “focus on removing any barriers to ensure that we can get the content we need through the desktops and booking tools our travelers use.”