Teleconference 27: Amex GBT’s Evan Konwiser

Teleconference 27: American Express Global Business Travel VP Of Marketing And Product Strategy Evan Konwiser
December 13, 2018

The biggest corporate travel news of 2018 was the acquisition of HRG by American Express Global Business Travel. So, what’s next?

On this call we asked Amex GBT VP of marketing and product strategy Evan Konwiser to tell us all about the company’s product and tech roadmap, and he delivered.

We talked about booking tools, reporting tools, mobile apps, portals, the mid office, the back office, risk management partnerships, GBT’s new deal with Lola and more.

All that and not a word on NDC. Grab the mp3 recording for $10.

You’ll even hear some friendly teasing about Konwiser’s official company photo. Spoiler alert: He declined to reveal his age and none of our audience members guessed it.