We try not to talk about ourselves. This enterprise is about you readers. However, it’s Nov. 5 and that’s our birthday.

Five years ago today, we published our first article and it made us no friends at the company it featured. That’s fine. Journalism should not be about being nice to executives to get access. Nor should it be about going easy on advertisers, obviously. (We don’t have those.) It should not be about putting conference revenues ahead of the mission to reveal, educate and occasionally advocate.

So many trade publications ignore those principles that business-to-business publishing gets less respect than some mainstream media. But as this column published last week by The Washington Post explains better than we could, business publishing can be about real journalism.

The Company Dime fifth birthday

That’s what we strive for. Every article cannot be an investigative report that makes change. Some readers don’t find every item we publish to be newsworthy. That’s okay. We’re not all things to all people.

Before we get to what’s new with us, we’d like to remind folks about our policies on password sharing and copying and redistributing our content without permission. These activities damage our ability to deliver on the mission. We thank you for recognizing that and making room for us in your budget.

Fortunately, we are a going concern. Not everyone predicted that would be the case when we started from scratch.

We’re happy on this occasion to announce a new partnership in which we will provide our two cents on a regular basis to Business Travel Executive, the longest-running American publication dedicated to business travel management. It’s a nice opportunity for us to write in a different style than we normally do. Look for us in the next issue of BTE.

We also continue to dabble in events and research for membership associations. Currently we’re working for IATA on a paper about the story of NDC. This year we supported events run by GBTA chapters in Chicago, Minneapolis and New Jersey.

Still, TheCompanyDime.com is and always will be our focus. To help ensure we’re delivering on what you readers are looking for, please spend a few minutes responding to our survey. You know where to find us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thanks so much!
David and Jay
The Company Dime


  1. Congratulations and Happy Birthday/Anniversary! I find your information refreshing and informative, helping provide a more balanced and nuanced perspective on various topics. Being part of an SME I find a majority of the information provided extremely valuable in helping me to provide better judgement on a variety of topics!
    Cheers Gentlemen!

  2. Five years old?

    No way………you guys act like two year olds……and I mean that in a good way, as in always being curious, asking a lot of questions, jumping from topic to topic, and occasionally making a mess….and we love you for it!

    Congrats and keep doing what you do!!

  3. Congratulations, David and Jay, always an interesting read. You created an important and high quality media for our industry which became a must-read for me. Keep on pushing. My best Patrick W Diemer

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