Google revealed plans to shut down on April 10, 2018 the API for a light version of its shopping and faring service.

Acquired by Google half-a-dozen years ago, ITA Software’s advanced pricing and shopping capabilities had become a go-to alternative to similar global distribution system functionality. Its standard QPX product is used by a number of travel providers including several big airlines and corporate travel software developers like Deem.

“We don’t use the QPX Express API at Deem and we confirmed with our Google partner rep that this will not affect Deem Work Fource,” according to a Deem spokesperson.

Short’s Travel Management only just announced it was using QPX in August. It does use Express, and IT director Zac Harlan said that while the change was unexpected, disruption should be minimal as “we are well-positioned to throttle the QPX content in our blended search results with Travelport, and content.” There’s also plenty of time to flip that switch, he said.

Certify, which in September announced the acquisition of the nuTravel corporate booking tool, declined to comment. [UPDATE, Nov. 6, 2017: According to a Certify official, the change will not impact nuTravel.]

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