[UPDATE, Dec. 11, 2019: Kayak evidently deleted the blog referenced below.]

Kayak For Business is real, but what is it? 

After declining to comment for an article published on this site last December about efforts to build a solution for businesses, the company recently started publishing blog posts about it. 

There’s a new category about business travel, offering corporate travel 101 material much like what’s been published by startups including Lola and 30SecondsToFly. Among the tips and advice, Kayak quotes research from GBTA and Oxford Economics.

“Smart booking channels like Kayak for Business automate planning while ensuring instant compliance with the corporate travel program,” according to a Sept. 3, 2019 post. 

It depicts messaging that indicates to the traveler “this is the Kayak policy that applies to you. Your max budget per night is $300; this is the price to beat. Hotels must be booked at least 14 days in advance.”

According to another post published last week, “The comparison tool instantly finds the best rates on hotels and flights using the familiar search engine. Travel managers simply input the company travel policy into the system, taking into account factors such as budget requirements or how far in advance bookings need to be made.

“To make things even easier,” the post continued, “smart booking channels also allow one person to book on behalf of an entire team for an upcoming work trip.”

On another page, the site shows an image of United Airlines search results with an “in policy” indicator and a link to “request approval.”

All this blogging comes despite no sign of “Kayak For Business” on the company’s main site. A press official did not immediately respond to a request for comments.

Kayak is a search site that refers users to supplier websites to make bookings. It earns referral fees and also sells advertising.

It’s part of Booking Holdings, which also owns Booking.com and Priceline.

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