Lumo plans to deliver its flight disruption predictions to BCD Travel clients through the TMC’s SolutionSource marketplace. Lumo already works with Acendas, Adelman Travel, CWT, FCM and Travel Leaders Group.

Lumo applies algorithms and machine learning to OAG’s real-time flight data to predict the likelihood of delays or cancellations. It conveys the information to travelers via iOS and Android mobile apps. Adelman incorporates Lumo into its AVA mobile app.

A Lumo dashboard lets managers, admins and travel agencies watch for potential problems. Reports detail how airlines performed and which travelers faced disruptions. The info can counter or corroborate airline performance claims and help companies combat employee burnout.

According to a BCD Travel spokesperson, a beta is underway with a few corporate clients. A traveler-facing component through BCD Travel’s TripSource mobile app also is part of the plan.

BCD Travel client Edgewell has a test going with Lumo. Edgewell head of global travel, meetings and fleet Kelly Christner said she expected an easier process with BCD on board. “BCD will pass along that PNR data automatically — flight number and passenger name for those who opt in,” she explained. Up to this point, travelers have been manually entering the info.

She said integration with the BCD Travel app would reduce the number of apps travelers need on their devices; currently they use Lumo’s. Edgewell pays Lumo a monthly fee.

Funded by JetBlue Technology Ventures, Lumo also is talking with global distribution systems, airlines, airports and insurance companies, according to chief commercial officer Michael Jacques. He said the undisclosed airlines, one from the United States and one from the Middle East, were interested in using Lumo data for planning, scheduling and airport slot optimization.

Additional info: BCD Travel’s SolutionSource partners include the Rocketrip and TripKicks budgeting and rewards platforms; price assurance systems Fairly, Tripbam and Yapta; risk management firms Anvil, International SOS and WorldAware; VAT recovery specialist Taxeo; Freebird for flight disruption protection; Pana for non-employee travel; SpotHero; CIBT Visa; and meetings management company Groupize.

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