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Deem Builds Unique Uber For Business Integration Into Corporate Travel Site And Apps

If all goes according to plan, Deem’s corporate booking tool and mobile apps this summer will be the first of their kind to allow Uber for Business users to book scheduled and on-demand rides. According to Deem head of mobility Nikolaj Koester,…

TravelPerk: Costs Are Five Times Less Than Those Of ‘Normal’ TMCs

TravelPerk’s valuation tops $1 billion partly because its per-trip costs are five times lower than those of traditional travel management companies, according to its chief commercial officer. “TripActions and TravelPerk are measured like Software-as-a-Service companies, such as Workday, Slack or Zendesk, and…

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Tools Emerge To Help Travelers, Buyers And Bosses Decide Whether To Go Or Stay

To stay or go? To meet and how? What’s it worth? Risk calculators from academics and others are helping members of the general population make up their minds about going out and doing things. Decision fatigue applies to business development, networking and…


SAP Concur Faces Class Action Suit For Alleged Violations Of Disabilities Act

[UPDATE, April 25, 2022: Plaintiff Yensy Contreras voluntarily dismissed with prejudice the case against Concur, according to court documents.] SAP Concur’s TripIt website is “not equally accessible to blind and visually impaired consumers,” according to a suit filed Thursday in federal court….

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For Deem And Others, Accessibility Is About Leveraging Mobile, Standards And Big Tech

As corporate travel event organizers and information providers continued to highlight Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, the needs of travelers with disabilities this year came to the fore. The BTN Group this summer ran an online event diving into the challenges of accessibility…

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