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Marriott, Grasp Streamline Virtual Payment For Clients Including Disney, Will Share How

An inhibitor to the wide adoption of virtual payment for hotel stays is that front desk check-in processes haven’t caught up. Payment forms other than traditional plastic can trip up property staff, many of whom these days are barely trained on standard…

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Reporter’s Notebook: Communication Breakdowns, Policy Leakage, Virtual Pay, Government (In)action

With no one conducting in-person corporate events, the industry calendar is filled with webinars and other virtual programming. No one can listen to it all. Nor should they want to; many are beset by technical difficulties or stray too far into supplier…


Wex To Acquire Enett, The Virtual Payment Firm Majority-Owned By Travelport

Wex agreed to buy fellow business-to-business payments firm eNett and transaction optimization company Optal for a combined $1.7 billion. That includes $1.275 billion in cash and 2 mIllion shares of Wex stock. Enett is a joint venture majority owned by Travelport, with…


As Associations Explore Virtual Payment Standards, Providers Push Solutions

Corporate travel players continue to smooth out the seams in virtual payment use, especially at hotel check-in where confusion remains commonplace. Sabre is testing the placement of virtual payment indicators along with booking info in its global distribution system. Associations are working…

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