Despite Concerns, Uber Is Winning

Car hailing app Uber offers a new kind of customer convenience that hits you on the first try. Now it’s often better to tap at your device than do the driving yourself or call a taxi. No need to step outside until a driver you superficially already know has arrived. Uber and the like are winning over consumers… Read More »

Hotels Try To Streamline Risk Management In Preferred Property Selection

[UPDATE, April 8, 2016: We published new information related to this article here.] Corporate obligations on business travel safety are taxing the already hideous hotel request for proposals process. While some companies rely on brand reputations or assume travelers won’t stay somewhere unsafe, others ask hoteliers to answer hundreds of questions about each property’s lighting, first aid, surveillance… Read More »

Thirty Months On, Concur’s Direct Connect Seeks Footing

Concur’s TripLink direct connect program could upend corporate travel distribution if it works. So far, it doesn’t. The TripLink concept resonates with corporate clients concerned about hotel booking channel compliance. About 35 percent of lodging bookings at companies with travel managers go outside the preferred channels, according to research by The Company Dime. Many of these are for… Read More »

Introducing The Company Dime

The Company Dime offers in-depth analysis and reporting for the business travel audience. We’re journalists. We aim to relay how and why with relevance and authority. Don’t look here for breaking press releases. We will not win design awards. What you see here is a simple, reader-funded service. We don’t have investors and are not looking to sell… Read More »